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For Kids
Our golf classes are a great way for kids to learn golf in a fun and safe environment. We offer after school classes and programs on Saturday to help them learn to be golfers.
Class will be putting, chipping, pitching, sand shots, and full swing. We will practice, learn, and discover the ABC's of athleticism -agility, balance, and coordination. We will also spend a bit of time on rule, etiquette and playing golf. Registration information is below.

For 5-10 year olds
We meet on Wednesdays after school. Each class session meets for four weeks. During the four weeks, kids will learn about putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing. This is for kids who are beginners or who have a bit of experience, but are not considered advanced. Click here to register.

For 11-14 year olds
We meet on Thursday afternoons after school. Each session meets for four weeks. The kids will learn basic golf skills. The ciriculum is slightly different because the kids are older but the basics are the same. This class is for novice and beginner level kids. Click here to register.